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KuvaDigifundus has been a leading provider of diabetic retinopathy screening and follow-up services in Finland since 2000. Operating in 12 healthcare districts in over 141 municipalities all over Finland, the company’s service domain currently covers around 2 million people. Digifundus’ services range from imaging, specialist reports, diagnostics and follow-ups, to transferring data to customers’ information systems.

Before implementing a new, centralised system to store eye fundus images, Digifundus faced a number of problems with its legacy internet-based service, which just stored images in a picture archive. The overall process required a great deal of manual work, especially when it came to managing follow-up invitations and the work lists of personnel. Also, reporting statistics to customers was done manually. Digifundus wanted a system that would not only store images, but could support the complete workflow of the screening and follow-up process, including invitations, rescheduling over the internet, as well as sending results to patients.

Finnish proprietary software provider Commit had already successfully deployed a system in the country for mammography screening that was similar to what Digifundus wanted. The mammography system was fitted into retinopathy imaging and provided to Digifundus from the Commit data centre.

Digifundus can now provide a completely paperless and highly automated service to its customers. The eye specialist reports and eye images are delivered automatically from the central server to the end customers’ hospital information systems and image archives. The system has also enabled Digifundus to make other processes more efficient, allowing it to provide additional services to its end customers.