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Commit®; Screening MIS Breast Cancer Screening Workflow Management Software

Commit; Screening MIS is the workflow management software for mammography screening units, scalable to manage individual stand-alone clinics or nationwide screening programs. The Commit; Screening MIS supports administering the screening process and automates information flow at all phases of the screening cycle thereby streamlining the workflow. This saves money and time, gives the personnel more valuable time to perform their essential tasks and to take better care of the customer.


The web-based Commit; Screening MIS uses the latest principles of Cloud IT. Therefore it can run even extremely large databases efficiently, yet it is still easy to install and maintain. The end-user workstations can be integrated at desktop level to imaging workstations, which further increases workflow efficiency and reduces typing errors.

Commit is a trademark of Commit; Oy, registered in European Community.

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